Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winterize your hair!

I have noticed in the Winter time my hair is so much drier. I never thought that I'd be doing braid-outs in the winter, but since I am nearing relaxer time I have been doing them at least twice a week. If I am not doing braidouts I am using rocking a bun or some sort of twisted updo.

It is important to spray your hair at least once a day to add in moisture. Cathy Howse has a good one named "The Dew". I also use Frederic Fekkai, or Care Free Curl Gold. Or, you can make your own. Here is a sample list of ingredients:

Water (of course)

Glycerin or Aloe Vera Gel

Jojoba or Coconut Oil

You can also use these products while baggying. More on that method in a later post.


Social Disaster said...

I Like the title, very creative. I am seeking a new hairstyle in 09 but I have not found one I like that will comform with cooperate americas standards. *Sigh*

Naturally Beautifully ME!!! said...

I like to use braid sheen to "winterize" my hair.

The Creative Lady said...

This sounds great! Gotta do the "Dew"!
BTW: Skee Wee Soror!
Happy Belated 101!

Dee AKA said...

skeee weeee