Saturday, November 8, 2008


Oils are very beneficial to afro-textured hair. I combine a few of these oils and use on my scalp daily. I also use these oils to seal in the moisture in my hair after using moisturizers such as Elasta QP Mango Hair Butter and Aveda Brilliant. Beware of using oils in the hair when wearing hair out as it can make the hair look stringy and oily. I only use oil on the hair when I am wearing hair pinned up in a bun or in a ponytail.
Oftentimes I do an "honey-oil rinse" after shampoo or conditioning. This is simple to do, just mix equal parts honey and oil, (coconut or olive is good. Also Profectiv Mega Growth, (pictured here) is good also) work through hair, then rinse. Honey is a humectant and the oil seals in the moisture from the honey. After this, you can style as usual.
I sometimes add oils to my deep conditioners. Olive, Castor and Avocado are good for this. My new favorite oil is Coconut Oil, it is so light, and is not heavy on the hair at all.

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